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Just so you know... A new portfolio is coming.

I am currently working on a seperate portfolio sub-site that will display my previous web development work in a sleaker, cleaner, more finished and detailed fashion.

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SelecT SITe
My best work so far.
Great transitions, designs, and ajax scripts to make it feel like a video game.
Site not finished yet. Working on it though.
Not responsive yet. It will be though
Managed with WordPress
Never used by client
I did not design that logo and actively advocated against it.
Fully Responsive
Smooth transitions and animations
Nice effects for enhaced gallery experience
Made solely for experience. It was never intended to be used for professional use.
Fully Responsive
Smooth transitions and animations
Never officially used.
Never finished. Never will be.
Mostly Responsive
Fun, clean, and original designs and animations.
Not finished. Never will be.
Mostly Responsive
Simple, yet elegant design.
Managed with custom-made Content Management System.
Never used by client
Fully Responsive
I made a whole content management system so users can manage posts and edit website design.
Extensive PHP and ajax scripts to make managing websites easy.
Analytics feature never finished. Never will be.
Fully Responsive
Simple game made completely with HTML, CSS, jQuery
Completely useless and unprofessional. I still have no idea why I made it.
Not responsive... You need a keyboard to play.
Simple static website with clean design.
Never finished because client didn't need it.
Slightly Responsive.
My best UX work.
Sleek professional design. (Maybe not the hero's background video)
Smooth and subtle animations to enhace design.
Fully Responsive
Power Hour is a drinking game where the players watch a playlist of music videos. Every minute the next video plays signaling the player to drink. I made this site to let users create custom playlists through an easy-to-use media app. All songs are saved to database from users pasting a YouTube link into the ‘contribute’ section. Makes use of YouTube API.
I created this site for my brother when he told me he wanted to create a sports blog. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to use WordPress. I created this as a static site originally then integrated WordPress to the site so he could manage his blogs easily… He never did.
A fake website I created purely to learn jQuery and CSS animations. I got permission from my friend to use her hair business as the subject. All the logo and page designs are my own, but used stock photos as placeholders.
1346 DeSIGNS
My first attempt at creating a web development business. Although I never finished it, designing the index and developing the ‘get a quote feature’ served as a very useful learning experience for me.
Another unused attempt at starting a web development business/tutoring service. I created when I was obtaining my first degree. I based the whole concept around presenting myself as a facetious, yet, talented developer (hence the name).
I made this for an aspiring travel blogger. She wanted a design that wasn’t too flashy, but not too basic at the same time. I think I created a nice medium between the two. The site is fully integrated with my custom-made CMS. It wasn’t until I fully finished the site when she decided not to be a blogger..
This is a Content Management System I created to help potential users manage posts and style their site in a WYSIWYG fashion. At the time, I didn’t want to take the time to learn WordPress, so I thought it’d be easier to create my own version of it… I was wrong. I’m proud of it, though. E-mail: Password: T3mp_pass. Feel free to look around.
One night, I realized I forgot to pay bills. So I sat down, opened my laptop, and created this idiotic game instead. This online game lets you play as a John Stamos stick figure that shoots tacos at Dave Coulier cats. It also features Bob Saget raptors. I have no idea why I created it, but it didn’t take too long and the late fees on the bills weren’t too high. No regrets. (Move with arrows. Space to shoot)
A friend asked me create a simple website for her daughter’s hair salon business. After I sent the initial design for approval, I never heard from them again. Turns out they moved to another state.
My latest attempt at setting up a Web Design business. Admittedly, I didn’t use it as I began working on other projects and attending school again. I do think it serves as a decent testament for my design abilities.
Power Hour
My best work so far.
Matt Haslem Designs
Sleek professional design.
Couch Warmers
Managed with WordPress
Drunken Development CMS
Extensive PHP and ajax scripts to make managing websites easy.
Stamos Hunter
Simple game made completely with HTML, CSS, jQuery
Texanne Traveler
Simple, yet elegant design.
Drunken Developmen
Fun, clean, and original designs and animations.
Vel S. in the City
Nice effects for enhaced gallery experience
1346 Designs
Smooth transitions and animations
Everhart Hair Artistry
Simple static website with clean design.

Skills / Experience / Education

Programming / Web Development


Design and Development Software

Adobe Visual Studio
Adobe Eclipse
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Avid Media Composer

Digital Media Experience

Web Design
Web Programming
Responsive Design
Graphic Design
Video Production
Video Editing

Relevant Coursework & Experience

Problem Solving and Programming I & II
Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Object Oriented Program/Design
Data Structures/Algorithms
Internet Concepts
Computer Architecture I
Principle Programming Languages

Media Coursework

Video and Audio Editing
TV News Production
TV Production
Advertising and Promotion
Advanced Public Speaking
Communication Research Methods
Communications in Management
Digital Writing
Intro to Filmmaking
Nontraditional Animation
Producing Movies


Bachelors of Science Degree - Communications (2011 - 2016)
Bachelors of Science Degree - Computer Science (2020 - Dec 2021)
Asset 31USA
Web Development / Media Production / Programming
Hello! My name is Matthew Haslem. I am an aspiring Web Developer with over a decade worth of experience in both front-end and back-end development. I am currently a student studying Computer Science at Old Dominion University. I expect to graduate in December of 2021 and use this degree, along with my first (B.S. in Communications), to secure a career somewhere in the Computer Science field.
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Web Development
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Media Production
Asset 55</>
Web Development
I began working on websites back when my friends and I got tired not being able to play flash games in our Middle School’s computer lab. I took it upon myself to learn how to develop a website that would serve as a hub for our favorite games while bypassing our school’s website blocker filters.

I had a lot of idea for projects that I wanted to build websites for but had no formal training. After being successful with building my first website at 13 by winging it, I decided I will just continue to teach myself as I go. That is about where all my web development knowledge comes from. Spending years thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this?”, then figuring out a way to accomplish it. This process has taught me much more than I could imagine.
Media Production
Along with Web Development, creating videos and digital images has always been another creative outlet for me. I started filming little shorts ever since I was a little kid. I never the content of my film/design projects too seriously but was always enthralled with learning all the technical skills for anything involved with media production.

Every elective I was able to take in High School and College were focused on anything dealing with film, television, digital media/design, etc. Taking these classes has given myself enough knowledge to consider myself a ‘Jack of all Trades’ when it comes to every aspect of film and media production.
Aside from my experience working with PHP and JavaScript while learning Web Development, I didn’t actually attain too much experience in programming until I started my Computer Science degree. After my University introduced me to C++, I quickly developed a strong interest in Object Oriented Programming.

School has given me an extensive amount of experience with C++ but I am currently taking it upon myself to learn the ins-and-outs of other languages, namely Java and Python, while staying current in school.
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